Inner Truth Mala Necklace



This beautiful mala is handmade in Rishikesh, India, with 108 blue lace agate and tulsi beads. It comes with a blue lace agate guru bead, a cotton tassel, and a sterling silver crescent moon charm.


Bead size: 6mm


Blue lace agate is a crystal which strengthens the throat chakra and also amplifies the power of what comes through it. If you are a person who finds it difficult to make yourself heard, this is an excellent stone to help you find your words, speak your truth and build the necessary confidence to transmit your ideas verbally. Blue lace agate has a frequency that helps clear and open your communication chakra. This frequency will help you find your truth and not be afraid to show who you are.


Tulsi (Holy Basil) is considered to be one of most sacred plants in Indian worship. According to Ayurveda, the Tulsi plant promotes purity and lightness and is known for its ability to restore balance and harmony to the body, making it a beautiful choice of material for Mala beads. The Tulsi seeds are small and light, making the Tulsi Mala beads easy to use and to carry with you.


A mala is a beautiful necklace which can be used for meditation, reciting mantras or to set an intention and help manifest what you desire.




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