Our Responsibility

Our Reponsibility



Our ethos is to design and manufacture jewellery that will enhance the wellbeing of our clients, which will help to realign subtle energies, regulate the body’s vibrational stasis, maintain a positive intention and serve as protective talismans.

Crystals were created as the earth formed, over thousands of years, and we have a responsibility to care for our environment seriously.

Sourcing precious metals and gemstones can be a complex issue. Stones can be mined in one country, then cut and polished in another, which may have different working standards, making it difficult to trace the stone from mine to market. Mining for metals is one of the more environmentally damaging industries. Both can be associated with human rights violations including forced labour and child labour.

Our aim is to engage in the best practices when sourcing our materials, taking great care in understanding how the supply chain works, where the materials we use come from, as well as knowing how they are later processed.

Through ethical sourcing, liaising with reliable suppliers and creating awareness of the issues which affect our industry, we want to improve the environmental and social sustainability of the practice, and shape the future of the jewellery trade.