The Brand



Yleana is an ethical and sustainable jewellery brand designed and handcrafted by Yleana Murray at her workshop in London. Founded in 2018, the brand is inspired by holistic philosophy, harnessing the natural properties of gemstones, using sacred symbols and mantras.

The Designer

Born in London to a Scottish adventurer and a Venezuelan artist, I was fortunate to grow up with my brother between the lush tropical vegetation of Venezuela and the dramatic landscapes of Scotland. This formed the basis of my love for nature and the rich qualities of her design and healing powers; inspiring me every day to harness and express through jewellery and design.

After studying fashion design in Paris and doing a postgraduate course in Coolhunting in Barcelona, I returned to Venezuela where I developed my own exclusive lingerie brand, and later worked as a fashion buyer for a large retailer.

In 2015, I moved to London to further develop my fashion experience, working for high end luxury brands. However, it was my innate desire and belief that a holistic approach to design is where my passion had always been, which shaped my journey and ultimately my destiny. Through my personal experiences, I developed and solidified a belief that the healing properties of natural stones had real and mystical powers.

At the age of 27, I had a powerful life changing experience when I suffered panic attacks. Traditional doctors wanted to medicate me for life, however, having been holistically inclined for many years, I decided to try Crystal Therapy. Twice a week I had crystals placed on my chakras, and 3 months later, much to my amazement and profound gratitude, my body was completely rebalanced and healed.

This experience was the catalyst to explore the inner spiritual self. Wanting to understand the whole picture of balance, nature and the self, in 2018 I completed a yoga teacher training course, gaining a deeper appreciation for the power of mantra repetition, scanning ancient symbols and maintaining a positive attitude to create a balanced state of wellbeing and a positive reality.

From this experience and my subsequent studies I have come to understand that our body and minds are electromagnetic machines surrounded by an electromagnetic field. Natural stones are tools for personal and spiritual development that can help us tune into the deeper parts of ourselves.

Following my passion to create, combined with my love of yoga and wellbeing, Yleana Jewellery was born.



Inspired by yogic philosophy, through my jewellery collections  which combine the healing energy of the stones with mantras and ancient symbols engraved on the pieces, I hope to inspire a sense of positive vibration,  intention and wellbeing.


Breathe  –   Vibrate  –   Manifest


Made with loving intention