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Yleana Jewellery

Yleana is an ethical and sustainable jewellery brand designed and handcrafted by Yleana Murray at her workshop in London. Founded in 2018, the brand is inspired by holistic philosophy, harnessing the natural properties of gemstones,  using sacred symbols and mantras.

Jewellery for the Soul

At Yleana Jewellery, it’s all about the stones which have their own special vibration and energy. Some we handpick in our travels, selecting only those that have unique qualities and beauty. We believe that the wonderful balance that exists in nature can be brought to you through our jewellery pieces. Yleana Jewellery provides that singular combination of adorning with a special purpose.

Unique Crystals

Our beautiful jewellery pieces are all handcrafted with the utmost care and intention in our workshop in London. We use polished and rough semi-precious stones sourced from different parts of the world. No two pieces are alike, making each piece very unique.

Hand crafted with love

Our beautiful branded boxes are the perfect finish to make your purchase even more special. Whether treating yourself or someone else, we send all our pieces in delicate packaging to ensure that your experience is as unique as the jewellery inside.